The Match Committee is responsible for the conditions under which a competition is played and reserves the right to change, alter any date, or cancel or vary any competition.


Two players play as partners each taking strokes at holes as in a par competition. If one of the partners wins a hole and the other halves it, only the one win is counted. If one halves a hole with par and the other loses it only the half is counted and so on. Plus, half and minus signs are added at the end of the round and recorded as in an ordinary par competition. In a four ball handicap event care must be taken to mark the scores of each player in separate columns headed by the initials of the player. If the scores are mixed and it is difficult for the Committee to check the card the players may be disqualified.


Played in exactly the same manner as above except that the better ball of the partnership will be credited with points instead of plus, half or minus.


Two players play as partners and use one ball. The partners strike off alternately from the tee and thereafter strike the ball alternately during the play at each hole. Scoring is done as for a stroke round and the total is subject to a deduction of half the partners aggregate handicaps. NOTE – If either player incurs a penalty stroke it does not alter the rotation of play. In foursomes stroke play competition which consists of more than one stipulated round the order of play may be changed between rounds unless the Committee has laid down as a condition of play that the original order of play must be preserved throughout the competition.



These games are played as described previously except that the Associate plays from her own tees, uses her own score card, local rules etc. The result is only transferred to her partner’s card when her score for the hole is better than his. Care must be taken when checking the card to refer to the Associate’s card when dealing with holes halved or won by her. There are some variations to this depending on the Club. In some instances the Associate plays on her full handicap using the Associate’s card as described above. In other cases in 7/8 handicap using the Associate’s card. Again, she may be on full handicap and using the men’s card. There are also exceptional instances where Associate’s play from a 3/4 handicap and the men’s card is used. These last two methods are the least satisfactory.


Mixed foursomes are played in the same manner as foursomes except that the Associates use their own tees and observe their own local rules when it is their turn to play. The Committee should lay down as a condition of play whether the member or associate is required to play from the first tee, and in competitions played under stroke conditions, and consisting of more than one stipulated round, whether this order is to be preserved.


Played as above except that both players play tee shots at every hole and afterwards continue with whichever ball they nominate. Handicap allowance – 3/8 of aggregate.


Both players play tee shots at each hole, then play a second stroke with their partner’s ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the third stroke. Handicap allowance is 3/8 of aggregate stroke handicap for stroke competitions and it is the same for par or stableford.
This event is sometimes called “Pinehurst Foursomes”.


Played as four ball either Par or Stableford – but two men or two Associates or a man and an Associate may pair. Associates play on 3/4 of their stroke handicap using their own card or full handicap using the
men’s card.


Handicap – 1/2 combined handicaps divided by the number of players.
Method of play:

  1. Lowest marker is Captain of each group.
  2. All shots, are played in order of handicap with highest marker playing first.
  3. All players drive from the tee. Best ball is then selected and other balls are lifted and placed within 6 inches of position of selected ball. Play proceeds in this manner until ball is holed.

men’s card.


Both players play 2 shots at each hole with their own ball. One ball is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the partner of the owner of the ball playing the third shot.
Handicap is 3/8 of aggregate stroke handicap. All the foregoing competitions are forms of stroke play and subject to the Rules governing stroke play. Special rules for par and stableford competitions are set out in Rule 39. Rule 41 covers the special rules for four-ball par and stableford competitions. Foursomes may be played under either stroke play rules or match play conditions and Rule 15 and definitions 10, 23 and 28 are relevant to foursome’s events. In addition to the competitions listed above many clubs conduct competitions that are not specifically covered in the Rules of Golf.
Some of the more popular types of play are listed above together with suggestions regarding methods of conduction of these events.