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18 hole golf course

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18 Holes


Men - Par 4 - 306m
Ladies - Par 4 -306m

Short Opener. Tempts a long drive but the fairway runs out after 210m and there is OOB on the left. Consider laying up and leaving a short iron to a narrow green.


Men - Par 3 - 161m
Ladies - Par 3 - 161m

Plays shorter than the card doen the slope. A miss to the right will leave a difficult chip off a tough lie.


Men - Par5 - 443m
Ladies - Par 5 - 381m

Long hitters must carry the trees on the corner to avoid running out of fairway. The close trees rerquire an accurate second shot.


Men - Par 5 - 443m
Ladies - Par 5 - 443m

Short Par 5 down the slope. A long drive down the left of the fairway can open up a small green.


Men - Par 4 - 332m
Ladies - Par 4 - 261m

Short Par 4 plays longer up the slope. Must drive to the left of the fairway to leave a shot to the green.


Men - Par3 - 184m
Ladies - Par 3 - 121m

Long Par 3 up the hill. Accuracy required with OOB on the left and encrouching trees on the right.


Men - Par 4 - 273m
Ladies - Par 4 - 273m

Long hitters can try for the green but trouble with a blind drive, hazard left of the green and greenside bunkers. Consider laying up to the top of the hill and leaving a short iron of a level lie.


Men - Par 3 - 173m
Ladies - Par 3 - 149m

Trouble all around with OOB on the left and a gully on the right. Must aim for the left side of the green to avoid rolling off the putting surface.


Men - Par 4 - 308m
Ladies - Par 4 - 288m

Carry the gully to a driving area that narrows after 200m. Keep to the left side of the green as the severe slope will carry the ball off the green to the right.


Men - Par 5 - 433m
Ladies - Par 5 - 411m

To avoid leaving a very quick downhill putt you must leave the approach shot under the hole as the green slope severly to the front. Enjoy the view of One Tree Hill in the distance.


Men - Par 4 - 403m
Ladies - Par 4 - 361m

Drive to the right side of the fiarway to avoid overhanging trees cutting of the shot to the green. Take care with the approaches as it is very easy to run down the slope and through the green.


Men - Par 4 - 365m
Ladies - Par 4 - 303m

Tough Par 4 plays long up the hill. The narrow tree lined fairway requires accuracy off the tee. Biggest problems are on the tiered sloping green where any two puttis acceptable.


Men - Par 4 - 414m
Ladies - Par 5 - 414m

The long hitters can aim to land tight on the indise of the dogleg where the extra roll can shortne the length of the hole.


Men - Par 4 - 299m
Ladies - Par 4 - 238m

Fiarway has a big side slope so aim right to keep on the fairway. Bling shot to the elevated green is very difficult to judge. After the tough walk up to the green take time to enjoy the view to the Pyrenees Rangers.


Men - Par 4 - 304m
Ladies - Par 4 - 304m

Big hitters can go over the trees and attack the green. Take care to avoid the tree on the fairway which can block your shot to the green. A deceptive green falls to the rear. Many approach shots can run off the back.


Men - Par 3 - 166m
Ladies - Par 3 - 126m

The green cuts in on the left so keep to the right side to carry the green and avoid the greenside bunker.


Men - Par 4 - 380m
Ladies - Par 4 - 333m

Very, Very sharp dogleg. Plenty of distance can be made up by cutting the corner, so it is well worth the risk. Deceptive green with more slope to the left than appears, so play to the right side.


Men - Par 3 - 138m
Ladies - Par 3 - 112m

A short carry over the creek is required. Take care wi th bowling green out of bounds on the left. The front right of the green slopes away and even a well struck ball will roll off the green.

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18 Holes
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18 Holes
Junior (under 18)
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